Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision

Exercising your eyes refers to using them to their full range. It involves focusing skills and a range of eye movements. Undertaking quality practices program for your eyes quickly improves your eyesight.

Exercises for the eye that will help you improve your vision


Flexing is an exercise that stretches the ocular muscle. This exercise helps you stop the haghghfjdfhdfhsdkjghfkjfdghfbit of just staring a short distance in front of your face. This is a habit that most people do when they work on computers. In this exercise, face straight ahead and without moving your head try to look the farthest you can. You then look at your top right and bottom left in the sequence. Finally, you reverse the previous two moves. You will feel your eyes stretched.


Continued use of televisions or computer may lead to headaches and eye strain. This is because while looking at the screen the average blink rate is reduced by almost fifty percent. This exercise is simple as it involves just blinking more. You should also become conscious when stop blinking when using the computer. Keep blinking even when you feel eye strain. This exercise helps lubricate your eye and refresh your brain to receive the next visual data.


This is suitable for people suffering from farsightedness or aging vision. This exercise involves holding your thumb at arm’s length then focusing on it. You then draw it till it’s just a few inches in front of your eyes while maintaining focus. You then move your thumb out again. Repeat this process for some minutes. This aims at strengthening your skills to focus.


Palming is more or less a relaxation exercise when your eyes feel tired may be from using the computer. It involves cupping your hands over your eyes then allowing a little pressure on the bone around your eye socket. With closed eyes, stare into the blackness as though it is some space. Find how far you focus in the blackness. Let the residual colors diminish to black. This will help reset your vision and allow you relax and lubricate your eyes. Repeat this for as long as you can. When you take away your hands, you realize your eyes have been rejuvenated.


Wearing glassghghfjdfhdfhsdkjghfkjfdghfes usually makes people lazy at focusing, so they fail to maintain a healthy vision. Take your glasses off then focus one of your thumbs held as close as possible and the other at arm’s length. Focus then on something in the room and finally something far out of the window. This will improve vision, so you are advised to do it for several minutes.

These exercises do not need work out and do not leave you breathless. You are encouraged to try them out for better vision.