Bad Breath

Bad breath varies, depending on the underlying cause. Many people tend to care about their breath even if they have little or no mouth odor. Others, on the contrary, have bad breath and don’t even know it. You are advised to ask a friend or somebody close because you may not smell it yourself.

Common causes of bad breath

Poor dental and oral hygiene

This is the most common cause of foul breath. Failure to maintain your oral hygiene ghhdgfhfghdfsdfshfgdsjfghdfghdsfgswill allow bacteria build on your teeth especially in between them. Your tongue and gums may also be affected by this. This ends up producing unpleasant smelling gases. These bacteria live on the surface of the tongue and between the teeth as a result of trapped food particles.


There is some medicine that when administered end up giving a bad breath. These include nitrates that used to treat chest pains. Chemotherapy medication will also give bad breath as well as tranquilizers.

Dry mouth

Saliva aids the process of cleansing your mouth and removing food particles that cause a bad smell. Dry mouth condition can lead to bad breath because of decreased saliva. Dry mouth occurs naturally when sleeping which may cause “morning breath.” Lasting dry mouth may be as a result of a problem with salivary glands.

Other causes

Other than factors relating to the mouth, diseases, such as cancers, and metabolic disorders, can lead to sharp bad breath due to chemicals they produce. Prolonged reflux of stomach acids can cause bad breath. Bad breath may also occur in young children due to foreign bodies, like a piece of food lodged in the nostrils

Nose, mouth and throat conditions

Once in a while, bad breath can stem from conditions such as tonsils. These when covered with bacteria which cause a foul mouth. Sinuses and other nose inflammations may lead to bad breath.

Tobacco and alcoholic products

These products leave a bad hghfkjghgfsjkfhdsjhfgdsjgjbreath after consumption. Prolonged use of these makes you have an unpleasant
smell. Smokers and even oral tobacco users may develop gum diseases which are a cause of bad breath.

If you have bad breath, review your oral hygiene habits. Try changing your lifestyle, for instance brushing your teeth and tongue after meals, and drinking plenty of water. However if your bad breath persists even with the above changes, see a dentist. With assessment, you will get treated, but dental hygiene is of the essence.